We focus on a Competency-Based Learning (CBL) approach that’s founded on These main clusters

Core Competencies
Combine and focus on personality attributes, interpersonal skills, analytical abilities, and leadership skills, aimed at improving performance levels across all job roles.
Cross-Functional Competencies
Being aligned to a variety of job roles, they are essential to any organization in enabling cross-utilization of skills and harmonizing performance across their functions and teams.
Functional Competencies
Include technical knowledge. specialized insights and role-specific learning items, equipping people to succeed in their profession and field.

Our unique approach makes our Solution Comprehensive.Science-backed.Automated.

ROI for Managers
  • Easy Management and progress tracking throughout the journey.

  • Create current or future learning plans to fulfill the gaps.
  • Develop the managers relationship with employees through feedback and chat features.

ROI for Learners
  • Feeding them knowledge through our vast content library.

  • Developing their required skills by customized learning paths.
  • Enabling capabilities in a gamified approach.

how it works

We help learners acquire skills they need, a better overview of their competencies enabling them to:

  • Defining personal learning objectives.
  • Request, schedule and share learning preferences.
  • Recommending personalized learning path to improve and develop existing gaps.
  • Sharing messages on the platform.
  • Taking and archiving notes for each course

We support managers with unlocking knowledge in your team and increasing collaboration by:

  • Adding users, assigning courses, and monitoring learner's progress.
  • Accessing actionable users’ adoption and course insights.
  • Monitoring and tracking each user to understand them and foster collaboration.
  • Overseeing team dynamics and learning engagement.

We guide you to build and execute your strategic outlook and roadmap to evolve your human capital by:

  • Developing an entire corporate learning ecosystem.
  • Providing tools, dashboards, and insights to create impactful and relevant learning paths achieving the outcomes your organization needs.
  • Increasing team’s engagement and developing relevant competencies.

A successful learning journey will lead the organization to different ROI results

Create the learning culture in the organization.

Increase employees’ productivity and engagement.

Increase Employees loyalty and retention.