Our Team

Ahmed Faraj

Founder & CEO

Having achieved renowned learning tech awards, Ahmed is a Learning & EdTech Expert with 13 years of experience. Prior experience includes Co-Founder & CEO of Equilibria, TUV Nord & Impact academy founding team.

Mahmood Malik

Experience Manager

An organizational psychologist in the making who creates unique environments and experiences for our clients. Past experiences include KPMG, Thomson Reuters and Financial Services.

Mahmoud Elrweny

Content Manager

Holds 6+ years of experience in content digitization and e-learning from K-12 curriculums to adult training. Past experiences also include multi-media management, and instructional design.

Safa AlFulaij

Technology Manager

A full-stack programmer (both front-end and back-end) with experience in modern technologies used across web-based software, and success in developing a modern and intuitive LXP platform.

Dana Radhi

Business Development Officer 

Dana has over 3 years of international experience in corporate, banking and educational industries. She developed and maintained the right skills to meet the market requirement and align it with the organization's objectives and goals.

Tasneem El-Ghareeb

Creative Designer

Tasneem has experience in designing different compelling visual aspects for various types of digital content including social media, branding, video games, websites, animations, videos and learning materials.

Thomas Nabih

Instructional Designer

A resourceful Instructional Designer with 2+ years of experience in e-learning and curriculum development for a variety of backgrounds offering insightful analysis of content and design to create learning programs.

Reem Sharar

Lead Generator

Reem has a background in Management and Marketing with a high level of academic achievement. She has experience in office management with reliable skills in leadership, communication and teamwork.