Our Approach

Lumofy’s course development team uses the ADDIE Model an approach used by instructional designers and content developers to create instructional course materials. The model has been adopted as the standard method by many instructional designers because of its flexibility.


Analysis: In the first phase, the instructional challenge of the course is outlined, objectives are created and issues such as learner skill level are identified.

Design: A variety of concerns are addressed at this phase to achieve optimal courseware design and systematic development of the training program. They include learning objectives, content, assessment instruments, exercises, and subject matter analysis to name a few. Each is pursued under a logical and orderly method of identifying, developing and evaluating plans for meeting instructional goals.

Development: Courseware designers and developers create the content following the design phase’s blueprinted. That includes design of storyboards and graphics, as well as integration of any eLearning technologies.

Implementation: This phase focuses on developing procedures for training both facilitators and learners. Facilitators training should explain the curriculum, learning outcomes, method of delivery and testing procedures. Student preparation includes training the use of software and hardware, and registration.

Evaluation: The evaluation phase is ongoing throughout the design process. Its purpose is to ensure that all stated goals of the learning process will meet the specified needs. Another objective of this phase is to identify on-the-job performance following completion of the course, and to ensure that business needs are met.

Network and Affiliates

Lumofy is currently the training solution of choice used across 2,000 active learners in 3 continents. Our strategic alliances and collaborations have helped us connect with countless up-and-comers who truly benefit from the training solutions we offer. Our regional partners are equipped with everything they need to bring Lumofy to eager audiences, including white label branding, custom interfaces, dynamic reporting and analytics. We are primed and ready for success and are always looking for great-minds and organizations to help us achieve the larger vision for Lumofy.

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