Introduction to Food Safety Self-paced, available March 1, 2016 Cost per enrollment: ENROLL Provides video lectures Provides opportunities to interact with the instructor or students Uses discussion forums
Full course description
Introduction to Food Safety

This course is designed to review the principles related to food safety and foodborne illnesses.

Course Level
This course is for all employees, especially those who handle food items.
Targeted learners
This course is applicable for all employees as principles related to proper food handling, preparing, cooking and storage is important in preventing the spread of foodborne illnesses.
Learning objectives
  • Explain how high standards of personal hygiene for food handlers can be achieved
  • Explain when food handlers should wash their hands and describe acceptable methods of hand washing.
  • Provide guidance on how to store foods safely so that the end-consumer is not exposed to unsafe food.
Project Deliverables:
Components of this project
Instructional materials accompanying this course include:
  • Online course, totaling approx. 8-10 hours of course material and assignments.
Out-of-scope work
Possible constraints
Success Measures
The success of this course will be based on achieving the following:
  • 100% completion of all modules and discussion board.
  • A student score of 80% or higher on all written assignments and quizzes in the course.
  • A student score of 70% or better on the final course exam.
  • A completed course survey.
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